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Ask blog update
Check out the tumblr blog to get the story behind Archie's pet snake.…
gay dads
So Chrome is, compassionate, emotional, and a hopeless romantic, while his partner Nickel is normally stern, strategic, and tough.
Gay Dad
So Nichrome is an alloy of Nickel and Chrome gay dads by angelamyroseNich is a cuddly and affectionate teddy bear dad figure. He's tough and protective but also undertaking, patient, and affectionate. He referrers to himself as "we" as apposed to "I" He's not a separate character but rather just two people having discussions and making decisions unanimously. 
Just How The Story Goes

So I binged watched the Series of Unfortunate Events Netflix series season 1. I’d been waiting for a year with baited breath. Now to most this is just a show that’s based on some kids books. But for me, well for me it’s something else. 

I don’t talk much about my childhood online, because you know, it’s the internet and I don’t know you people. You don’t wanna hear my sob story, it’s not your problem. But growing up my mother was severely neglectful, manipulative, selfish and cruel. It would take too long to tell you everything I’ve been through and whether or not you’d believe me is debatable. But these kids books, they kept me alive in those days. They gave me hope for myself, taught me I still had agency no matter what happened. Even when life felt like a series of unfortunate events, I still had agency, I could make due, and I would be ok. It’s because of these books I became a writer. I wanted to provide that comfort and solace these books gave me to someone else. Watching the show it was great and my boyfriend loved it too, but that ending song is what really got me.

But there’s no happy endings not here and not now,

This story’s all sorrows and woes,

You might dream that justice and peace win the day,

But that’s not how the story goes,…

Now you may hear a sad soliloquy of human misery. I hear a song that fills me with such overwhelming hope and bittersweet joy that it brings me to tears. To admit that the world is unfair and that misery is the nature of the human experience is most freeing thing in the world. We are all human, let’s cry together. It’s ok to hurt because we’re all hurting. It fills me with joy because it is an anthem of misery that accepts and embraces it. Too often we try to block out sorrow, we hide from the things that hurt, but to truly defy this beast of pain is to find joy in spite of it.

Stefanie and the Metalloids

So I have a love-hate relationship with Steven Universe. I like a lot of the characters and a lot of the show’s concepts but the constant refusal to just tell the story is inherently frustrating. I could go into all the things about the show that frustrate me but it’s a long list. So I was talking to a friend and got the idea. Why not make a better version of Steven Universe? Take the concept and fix all the problems I have with it. 

In a distant cyberpunk universe, the human race has colonized multiple planets. They end up at war with a race of aliens called the metalloids. The war wages on for years and amidst it a group of metalloids rebel against their leaders and a Copper soldier kills leader Platinum. Copper and his companions retreat to earth 5. At some point he’s separated from his friends and damaged. A human woman named Georgia repairs him and he stays with her in hiding. They fall in love and conceive a daughter named Stefanie. Shortly after Stefanie is born though Copper realizes that while she is half metalloid she lacks a core (which is what allows metalloids to move and use their powers) Without a core she wouldn’t live very long. He sacrifices himself by giving his core to his daughter to save her. Stefanie grows up with her mom but around 14 or 15 her dad’s old friends come to find her and run off with her on a search for a super weapon that her father had hidden away years ago. They travel the worlds together with Georgia chasing after them trying to get her daughter back. Meanwhile bounty hunters are sent after them on a mission to hunt down and retrieve Copper’s old core to gain the information contained inside.

wanna read my comics and see more art please watch me on my new DA here


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