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June 8, 2012


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ok guys i've good audition script for Sonic Sally Manic Shadow and Sonia
i'll do some more writing and have audition scripts for some of the other character tomorrow but for know lets get these guys first cus i know there the ones everyone is going to want to voice, although i will sat to who ever is going to be voicing shadow, the script i gave shadow is literally all the dialog that character has in the whole movie (he dosnt talk much)

now the rules for auditioning are simple record your voice delivering these lines and post a video on YouTube and link it to me, if you can't do that then ask me a bought other ways for getting the audio files to me I NEED TO HEAR WHAT YOU SOUND LIKE AND BE ABLE TO USE THE AUDIO FILES! also on another note you don't necessarily need to audition only for characters of you're gender, the reason for this is that my audience is mostly female and most of the characters in this movies are guys so if you're a girl but you can do a convincing guy that works for me

Sonic audition script

(angry voice) What the hell did you do!

(serious) you know i don't normally condone killing but in this case it's unavoidable

(jovial) oh that word! yah i heard he's been parading about the city bragging to any poor sap who'll listen

(flirty) so do you think i'm attractive

(sing part of or all of Sum 41 - The Hell Song)

Sonia audition script

(almost crying) they saw you're face...

(calm) it's funny my brothers and i once thought about what it would be like to die... what we would want each other to do if that happened...

(angry) well i don't trust her sonic there's something wrong with that girl!

(laughing) don't worry im sure my brother and his boys will be enough to keep me busy

(sing part of or all of If i die young-The Band Perry)

Manic audition script

(jovial) like he's been hanging out on 5th street, what do you say we drop in on him, you know, just for shits and giggles

(bittersweet) i know i screwed up big time, and i'm sorry, i hope this makes up for it

(angry) HOW COULD YOU! YOU SELFISH BASTARD! it's your fault Robotnick took control in the first place and its you're fault moms dead!

(back talk) oh im sorry i didn't know we started putting scum bags in the monkey suits

(sing part of or all of Sum 41 - Still Waiting)

Sally audition script

(disbelieve) you'd release us, just like that?!

(irritated) cute and charming as you are i don't date over glorified peacocks

(apologetic and sad) well you're talking to me at least that's something,... look I'm really sorry...

(angry) I'm going back for him (sonic says something) i know, i don't care!

(sing all of or part of Kelly Clarkson - My life would suck without you)

Shadow audition script

(cold) one step forward and the girl dies

(dark and scary) I'll say this once, i bow to no one (after bashing someones head in) now its you're turn

(irritated) well don't just stand there get them!

(pissy rant) oh god, please don't! do you realize how annoying you are! bursting into song every 5 seconds like a bunch of high school musical fags! i mean who dose that! what kind of moronic...(gets cut off suddenly)

key guys i got some more character scripts for ya, also i had some people ask if they could audition for more than one character the answer is YES! audition for as many as you think you can do i encourage you, any rate heer are some scripts for, queen Aleena, king Brandon(sonic Manic and Sonia's dad), Dr.Robotnick, Sleet, Dingo, Silver, Knuckels, and the oracle of delfius (or however the fuck you spell that)
anyrate here you go

queen Aleena auditions

(in a speech) to the people of Mobius, to all those crushed beneath Robotnicks tyranny, to all those who have lost their lives and their loved ones to his cruelty, and to my children, wherever they may be, i have but three small words,... never, give, up

(loving) it's alright Brandon it's me,( Brandon says something) it is, I've come to set you free

(defiant) this isn't over

king Brandon auditions

(broken and weak nearly sobbing) i'm sorry,...(barley above a whisper) im so so sorry

(defeated) i know, this is my fault, (slightly stronger) but maybe now i can make things right

(remenecent) if you think Sonia's beautiful you should have met her mother

Dr.Robotnicks auditions

(evily) what is the one thing no 20 year old boy can resist (sleet replies, Robonick snaps his fingers) SEX! sleet SEX!, pretty girls in skimpy cloths, and i think i know just the girl

(in a panic) quick shadow kill them now!

(manipulatively) oh why of coarse, if you can succeed at what took my highest ranking general years to fail at, releasing you is the least i can do

Sleet auditions

(surprised) wait, it's you! manic! you-you got taller, and grew a beard and... (confused) lost an eye? how did that happen?

(guessing the answer to a question) uhm... video games and beer?

(happily) this day just gets better and better doesn't it, first the queen now her little brats come out of hiding just for me, i can smell the weeks bonus pay

Dingo auditions

(in a hurry) quick in here before someone sees

(angry) that's for 20 plus years for putting up with you're crap!

(embarrassed) nah i'm just a sucker for a pretty face is all

Silver auditions

(neutral) iv'e brought a message from my master the oracle of delfius

(sincere) my deepest condolences, truly, queen Aleena was the most amazing woman i ever had the pleasure of knowing, and i know she loved you all very much

(startled) the dark one!

Knuckels auditions

(surprised and confused) Sonia is that you! (Sonia speaks) the queen summoned me here, she said i could help, and she asked me to look after Brandon, though i'm not sure why

(tender) i would sooner die before i let that happen to you

(anoyed and speaking in a hushed tone) manic wait! MANIC!.... what dose he think hes doing

the oracle of delfius

(giving a prophecy) on the forth day by rise of the fourth night, the true rulers of Mobius shall rise up and put an end to Robotnick's rein, innocent hearts will be poisoned, heroic blood will be spilt, and the dark one shall seek to destroy all

hey guys i got one more charecter i forgot to mention, his name is Sedrick, he's Sally's little brother, he's only minor role but he's improtant to the plot

Sedrick auditions

(happy and surprised) hey Sall, what are you doing here?

(suspicions) ok what's up, you don't come down here unless you have a motive, (sally says something) i think you're just trying to distract me

(scared) no, but- but you cant, y-you need me
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Nimanao-Kinimono Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2014  Student General Artist
What kind of voice are u looking for, for Sonic? Do you want it as close to the cartoon as possible or just a man-ish voice or a boy's voice or just kinda low-ish voice? I can try and sing in any of those voices but it sounds best in kinda lowish voice but i think it would also sound fine in the cartoon voice. I've never tried it in the others but I can try if you want? Plz let me know soon so i can practice!
angelamyrose Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2014
uhm well like a 20 year old boy so like not real deep but not as young and childish as in the cartoons (no like dorky voice cracking though were out of that stage by this point)
wolfie987 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2014
Which roles are open?

angelamyrose Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014
mostly the dudes i'll post a journal with all the remaining open position listed in it
stevensdomain Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
is knuckles still open?
angelamyrose Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014
sure i need to actually go back and double check all the positions because some of my voice actors i now have to replace it's complicated i'll explain it all in an upcoming journal
thevoiceofsonic Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2013
Are you still waiting for a Sonic or a Shadow voice?
Just want to make sure before I record or upload anything.
angelamyrose Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2013
i NEED sonic he's the only one still without a voice
thevoiceofsonic Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2013

But I'm serious. I cannot sing.
angelamyrose Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2013
it's a good effort and not bad acting for that matter but the voice isn't quite what i'm looking for i might offer you another part though if you'll take it
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